Backyard Games “Other” than Cornhole

Cornhole is most definitely the most popular backyard game worldwide.  However, changing things up a bit can be a lot of fun too, and variety at large parties and events is essential.  Thus, the following lawn games are available to you in addition to all of our cornhole products.

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Kan Jam

Fashioned after Frisbee Golf and Ultimate Frisbee, KanJam is an exciting flying disc game.  Currently available in KanJam Original, KanJam Mini, and KanJam Splash.


Flimsee flimsee2

Similar to KanJam but reliant on more precision and less contact, flimsee is another fun flying disc game.


Ladder Ball
Ladderball Ladderball

This Ladder Ball Pro Steel set consists of 2 Upright Goals, 3 Red Bolas, 3 Blue Bolas, 1 Carry/Storage Bag and instructions.  Moreover, it’s not as easy as it looks but it is a lot of fun!


Washers (or Gaskets)
Washer Game Gaskets

This compact little game packs some big fun!  Tossing washers may seem simple but think again.  The original washer game comes with 6 washers and 2 square wood boxes that latch together for easy transport.  Measures only 12” x 12” x 4”.  The Gasket game (single or double) is octagonal in shape and uses rubber gaskets instead of metal washers for fun indoor play.



Bucketo capitalizes on countless tossing games before it like cornhole, ladderball, and washers but changes things up with the use of chains as the tossing material and buckets for the target.  As a result, it is a great outdoor game for the beach, picnics, BBQ’s, etc.  One sure to produce a lot of laughs.


Ring Toss
Ring Toss

A classic carnival game, Ring Toss is a fun game for all ages.  Each base measures 16.5” square and comes with 4 heavy-duty plastic rings that are each 5” across.  Red pegs are worth 1 point, blue pegs 2 points and yellow peg 3 points – first to 21 wins! Essentially, this is safe for family room fun.


Lawn Darts
Lawn Darts lawn darts2

You may see this as just another tossing game, but it’s one that requires its own skill and poses its own challenges.  Each set comes with 2 targets, 2 blue darts, 2 red darts, and instructions.


Playble Play-ble

The Play-Ble is a table that can quickly fold-down into a cornhole board and then back up into a table.  Therefore, it is perfect for outdoor picnics, BBQ’s, the beach, etc. as you can quickly switch between food and games – what could be better than that?!  Each set includes 2 heavy-duty plastic 24” x 48” tables/cornhole board tops with folding legs, 2 hole ‘caps,’ 2 collapsible serving cups, 8 beanbags and 1 carry/storage case.  Besides, each set is easily connected/disconnected, sanitized and transported.  We especially love the collapsible cups used for serving utensils, chips, nuts, ice, etc.  All-around, this is a uniquely ingenious invention!  Available in Red or Black.



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Change It Up!  For less than $150 you can get 4-5 of these great backyard games, whereby creating THE best Birthday Party, Graduation Party, Memorial Day BBQ, 4th of July Picnic, Corporate Event, etc.  PLUS, you still have these games to use again and again for years to come. Consequently, this sure makes a lot of sense financially when compared to an expensive bowling or roller skating party, and best of all there is sure to be something for everyone regardless of age!

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