Your Privacy & Security is Important to Us

Due to our new partnership with AJJ for the 2015 cornhole season, is no longer processing payments or collecting any personally identifiable information – thus making your shopping experience here 100% secure and private.

We have chosen to partner with AJJ for many reasons including the fact that they have a very secure, state of the art site that accepts Paypal payments.  If you ever shopped with us back when we had a shopping cart you know we took your privacy and security very seriously and opted to use Paypal exclusively for all checkout procedures.

Paypal is the world’s #1 payment processor and is preferred by more merchants than any other processes due to its highly encrypted and time-proven secure system. Paypal Verified


Why Paypal?

#1 – Safety and Security.  Your financial information is never entered via our site and we NEVER even see your credit card or other financial information!  We bring you great products at great prices while leaving Paypal to do what they do best – encrypting and securing your payment for ultimate protection!

#2 – Choice of Payments.  With Paypal, you can use your preferred payment of choice.  Paypal accepts all four major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.  For those customers who have a Paypal account, additional payment methods are available such as e-checks via bank accounts or direct payment from Paypal accounts, etc.

#3 – No Paypal Account Required.  If you already have a Paypal account – great – just enter your password and fly through checkout.  No account?  No problem!  Paypal no longer requires users to have an account!  They will of course ask if you would like to create one, but there is no pressure to do so and in noway effects your order.

#4 Still Rack Up Points.  Bonus: Not only do customers receive the security and privacy benefits of Paypal checkout, but you still earn credit towards all major credit card and debit card point programs – now that’s a win-win situation!

Thus we recommend you continue to use Paypal while shopping on our partner sites.



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